Aki Tsugawa - Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Instructor - Tokyo, Japan


 ●Class Fee for Furikomi (Japanese Residents) 



Monthly pass

6 days per week 11,000 yen 

3 days per week  7,700 yen 


Ticket Valid for 3 Months

10 times 14,300 yen 

4 times  6,600 yen 


Drop in

2,200 yen 

 Within a week from the drop-in date, you can change to a monthly pass by just paying the difference



Special Class only for beginners (new to Ashtanga Yoga and/or have never joined Mysore Class)

Total of 10 sessions  16,500 yen (Valid for one month)

Inclusive of 6 Private classes at 40mins each and 4 Mysore classes

This Special Class and rates can not be extended beyond the 10 sessions. After the 10 Special Classes are completed the student has an option to join the regular morning classes or private classes.



Private Class (Maximum 2 persons)

60 mins  6,600 yen 

90 mins  9,900 yen 



Private Class 4 Session Ticket (Valid for 3 months)

60 mins  24,200 yen 

90 mins  37,400 yen 


For students not residing in Japan please message me for payment details.

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