Hello everyone,

I am very happy to announce that I will be continuing to teach my own online classes from now on. Mysore class starts at 5:30am Japan time.
Throughout the experience of teaching online classes so far, I realised once again how lucky we were to practise in the studio with a teacher and our friends. At the same time, I also noticed that there are many students who are in a difficult circumstance to practise with a teacher.

Through online teaching, I will continue to support your practice in your own home until you have an opportunity to go to a studio. My online teaching is ideal for you if you do not have a teacher around where you live, or if you are raising children or for whatever reason that early mornings are the best time for you.

I know that learning through online classes is not the same as at the studio, and I know it’s important to learn yoga from a teacher directly. But I believe that you can still learn a lot and progress your practice more than you think and it helps to keep your motivation to continue your daily practice.

Beginners who have been interested but have had no chance to start are very welcome.

I’m looking forward to making a new community with you!
Thank you!


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